About Our Parish

The History of Saint Patrick’s Parish.  When the community of St. Patrick first formed, it gathered with its first pastor, Father Michael Callaghan, to celebrate Mass in Ascension School on New Street. The parish began on June 13, 1969. After Fr. Callaghan died suddenly of a heart attack in 1970, he was succeeded by Father Stephen Stinson, who oversaw the building of a new Church for the young community. St. Patrick Church was dedicated on May 20, 1974.  This modern church structure was complemented by office space and living quarters for the priest. It eventually became the hub of a thriving community. The parish came together centered on Mass and the Sacraments.It also hosted every kind of group and activity from Alcoholics Anonymous to Brownies.When the parish’s third pastor, Father Fergus Duffy (1978-88) reflected on his pastorate there, he emphasized the importance of the team concept at work among the Priests, Sisters, lay associates of the pastoral staff, and those serving on the Parish Council.  

This much loved pastor is remembered for his affection for children and for people who were suffering. He gave practical advice to the unemployed, founded a self-help group for separated and divorced Catholics, and offered strong support for the parish Marriage Preparation program.

The community grew from 300 families to more than 1200 by 1988. Father Alex Kramer served as pastor from June 1988 until his death in August 1993. This hard-working pastor also cared for his flock. Father Ronald Hodara was appointed pastor in June 1993 and worked as a caring pastor until June 2001. Father Robert Hetu then served as pastor from June 2001 until June 2004.

On June 30 2004 Father Raymond Modeski became pastor. Today the parish numbers over 1800 families in a lively community of Catholic Faith.